Hey Buddies! Let’s talk.

Our community has so many buddies with fascinating stories that it would be a shame not to share them with you.

This summer, we invited three inspiring women to talk about their lives, expertise, and experiences.


6.7.22 18:30   Healthy? Naturally!

Would you like to know more about finding the root cause of your health problems? Our buddy and health expert Gráinne believes physical and mental health strongly impact each other. Come along and learn how to optimise your health naturally. If you have any personal issues related to improving your health, you can ask anonymous health questions in advance using this form. Gráinne will answer them during her talk.


3.8.22 18:30   Ukraine taking over Buddy Buddy

If you care about what has been happening in Ukraine and want to have a chance to hear more stories first-hand, come to listen to our second Buddy Talk taking place in August. Many of us have also been wondering how they could help. Who could be better to ask than those who have been through all the difficulties themselves? Tania and two more of our special Ukrainian guests are coming to tell us about the situation in Ukraine and what can be done here in Belgium.


7.9.22 18:30   Defend yourself

Someone is attacking you verbally, but you don’t know how to respond in a non-violent way. Sounds familiar? Our buddy Kimberly is coming to give us tips on verbal self-defence and might even throw in some practical physical self-defence skills. She has a background in criminology, martial arts, mediation (not meditation!) and improv, which means she has a lot to say about aggression and how to protect yourself against it.