Cosmic Dealer's Cinnamon Roll Chocolate

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Very limited quantities available!

Our Cinnamon Roll nut butter, a favorite creation of ours, has taken a luxurious turn this festive season. In an exclusive collaboration with Cosmic Dealer in Paris, we're excited to present a treat that marries the magic of the end-of-year season with gourmet craftsmanship.

Introducing our brand new limited edition Christmas-special Luxurious Chocolate Square (pack of 10) filled with our very own Cinnamon Roll Nut Butter. Each raw chocolate square is a testament to the fine artistry of Cosmic Dealer and the unique Cinnamon Roll flavor profile curated by BUDDY BUDDY.

  • Always 100% organic.
  • Each bag contains 10 chocolate squares of 20g each.

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    Nut Origin: Lot-et-Garonne, France
    Roast: Dark
    Grind: Crunchy
    Organic (BE-BIO-01)
    Naturally gluten-free
    No palm oil & additives
    Made in Paris


    Je hoeft ons niet op ons woord te geloven. We nodigen je uit om onze notenpasta's zelf te proberen. Wist je dat je in cafés in Brussel en Parijs de hele dag kunt genieten van notenpasta's en signature drinks?