Welcome to the BUDDY BUDDY Nut Butter Atelier, the first of its kind in Belgium. Here, we carefully craft every jar of our nut butter with love, care, and dedication, from the selection of raw nuts to the labeling of each jar.


Our team of dedicated employees works tirelessly to create the best nut butters possible. We take pride in every step of the process, from selecting the finest raw nuts to roasting them to perfection, grinding and mixing the finest ingredients, and pouring, jarring, and labeling each jar by hand.


At BUDDY BUDDY, we believe in doing things the hard way and maintain full control over every aspect of our production process at our atelier. Unlike many of our competitors who outsource their production to industrial food makers, we take a hands-on approach and craft our nut butters in-house. This gives us the flexibility and control we need to ensure the highest quality products possible. We understand that this approach is not always easy, and we have had to learn a lot about machinery, logistics, and production processes along the way. However, we believe that the reward of producing the highest quality nut butters is worth the effort, and we are proud to take this unique and challenging approach to creating the best nut butters possible.