Peanut Butter Cup Nut Butter

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Our creamy natural organic peanut butter has been the base ingredient in so many of our café recipes, from brownies to smoothies and even savory dishes. But one treat has always proved popular: our homemade peanut butter cups. It should come as no surprise that these delicious treats have inspired our latest nut butter.

This natural nut butter delicately combines our coarsely ground peanut butter blended immediately with the finest Belgian organic dark chocolate.  It contains 200+ peanuts in each jar and absolutely no refined sugar. A keto-friendly low-carb source of protein and fiber.

  • Contains 260g
  • 1 year of shelf life from production date
  • Buy 6 jars, get 10% off

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Nut Origin: Léon, Nicaragua
Roast: Golden
Grind: Light Crunch

Because of crop failures linked to climate change, we may need to temporarily add peanuts from Egypt or China to our supply.
• 75% Golden-Roasted Peanuts*
• 25% Belgian Dark Chocolate*
(Cacao Mass*, Coconut Blossom Sugar*, Cocoa Butter*, Pink Himalayan Salt, Sunflower Lecithin*, Vanilla Bean from Madagascar*)
(* Organic agriculture)
Organic (BE-BIO-01)
Naturally gluten-free
No palm oil & additives
Made by us in Brussels

Cacao: Rainforest Alliance
Per 100 g:
• Calories: 582
• Fat: 46.7 g
— of which saturated: 12 g
• Carbohydrates: 26.2 g
— of which sugar: 12.8 g
• Fiber: 8.6 g
• Protein: 22.1 g
• Sodium: 86 mg
• Vitamin E: 7 mg
• Potassium: 629 mg
• Vitamin B3: 11 mg
• Iron: 2 mg
• Calcium: 48 mg
Our organic natural nut butters are versatile and you can enjoy them in a variety of ways:
— As a spread on bread, it’s a great low-sugar alternative to jams.
— As an addition to drinks such as smoothies, lattes, and hot chocolates.
— As an addition to sweet foods such as granolas, yogurt bowls, fruits, and vegetables.
— As an addition to savory foods such as sauces, dressings, and hummuses.
— As an ingredient in baking, pastries, ice creams, etc.
— Or simply, and that’s what we recommend the most, on its own by the spoon!

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Do you see white dots when opening your jar? Nothing to worry about! This natural nut butter contains real pure dark chocolate, which means that the cocoa butter content is high. Due to the absence of additives and depending on the storage temperature of the product, it is possible that the cocoa solids separate from the rest and appear as white dots on the surface of the product. This natural process is called chocolate bloom. When this happens, simply re-mix well. Although it looks unsightly, this doesn't make the product unfit for consumption and can often happen with other chocolate spreads too. We are however working hard on finding ways to prevent this from happening!


Don’t just take our word for it. We invite you to try our nut butters yourself. Did you know that you can enjoy all-day nutty treats and signature drinks in our cafés in Brussels and Paris?